Eve Arnold… Favourite Phtographers

Eve Arnold who passed away last year was an American Photojournalist. Eve Arnold photographed many of the iconic figures who shaped the second half of the twentieth century, yet she was equally comfortable documenting the lives of the poor and dispossessed.

Arnold’s images of Marilyn Monroe in (1961) were perhaps her most memorable, although she took many photos of her and all seemed to have a specific style.  They moved away from Marilyn Monroe ‘The Sex Bomb’ and more towards photos that represented her personality and her natural beauty. Often with a book in her hand they seem to be the photos where she seems most as ease.

081710-marilyn-monroe-lead-300.jpg1344933029942982.jpgimage.wide-3.jpgimages.jpgloreleilee-2009061132617-Bc20Reading-original.jpgMarilyn Monroe reading 04.jpgmarilynmonroereadingulysses2.jpgtumblr_m5dfflXgkN1rxd7tfo1_1280.jpg

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