À propos de moi

A Bit About Me

IMG_5785 2Finding my vocation in life was difficult for me, I worked for 10 years in the Retail and Hospitality industry, it was enjoyable but never fulfilling. I always thought work was work and what I enjoyed doing (taking photos and traveling) was my hobby. So when I moved to France with my family, aged 27, I got the chance to start from the beginning. I had the opportunity to change my life, find a different career, so why not make my passion my job. After spending a year adjusting to my new country, Renovating an old house (my new home) and learning a new language. I decided to enrol as a student, to turn my love of photography into a career in photography. I set up my business EIRL Seretny Photographie in 2013, to provide my clients with whatever photographic needs they have. I did not want to box myself into one genre of photography.


 My Style


I aim to deliver what the client wants. That said most photographers have their own style and that is what attracts you to them, and what makes them stand out. If I could describe my photos in one  word it would be ‘natural’. I use my equipment to enable me to capture moments authentically at the picture taking stage, rather than relying on computer enhancements afterwards. I like to take  photos outdoors where possible and limit the amount of ‘processing’ or ‘adjusting’ of the image in editing software. I keep my photography quite candid to take a snap shot of a specific moment in time. As a result my photography captures authentic and natural moments in time, limiting computer manipulation.



I have been lucky enough to visit many different countries, in 4 different continents, and will continue to do so. I love nothing more than visiting and experiencing new places and new cultures. I started traveling at an early age, with my family visiting a lot of France and Spain, also having holidays in Crete, Cyprus, Tenerife, Mallorca…..

I went trekking in the mountains of morocco when I was at school taking in the sights and wonders of Marrakech and Mount Toubkal. I have also visited Poland as I have family originating from there and from Italy, which I have toured (Venice, Pisa, Florence and Rome). I spent 2 Months in Australia, and only managed to scratch the surface of spectacular views and places that country has to offer. I recently went to the states staying in New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami and Orlando. My most recent big adventure was in January when went to India and Nepal……Check out my galleries for photos.