The beginning of the studio…

Some of you may know that recently I opened up my first studio in La Soutteraine. It has been a bit of a whirlwind in order to get the space up to scratch…..

Now I am open I thought I would show you all the work we (friends and family) did to get it ready and the transformation it undertook.

I first went to visit the location just before christmas, I had been looking around at a few different shops and then I saw this one. It had been closed for quite a while, formerly a clothes shop, the location could not have been better. Right in the middle of town, in the thick of it all, opposite a very busy bar the Cafechaud and right next to the cinema.

The building lent itself to the style of decor I had in mind, vintage chic with a modern twist. I could picture it in my head and it felt like the perfect location.

Image_15.12.2015_09.55.48_0324 Image_15.12.2015_10.13.25_0215 Image_15.12.2015_10.13.12_0216 Image_15.12.2015_09.59.06_0323 Image_15.12.2015_10.03.21_0261 Image_15.12.2015_10.04.19_0218 Image_15.12.2015_10.03.41_0219 Image_15.12.2015_10.03.28_0220 Image_15.12.2015_10.04.24_0217 Image_02.02.2016_12.29.46_0505 Image_02.02.2016_12.29.54_0504 Image_02.02.2016_12.30.04_0503 Image_02.02.2016_12.30.36_0500 Image_02.02.2016_12.30.22_0501 Image_02.02.2016_12.30.14_0502 Image_02.02.2016_12.30.42_0499

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