Tim Clayton… Favourite Photographers

So I thought I would start my blog with some pictures and sites from my favourite photographers….

One of my prefered sports photographers is Tim Clayton,  a Freelance Sports Photojournalist from the UK but he moved to Australia in 1990 to take up a position as Sports Photographer for The Sydney Morning Herald, which he held for 18 years. Tim left the paper in 2008 to freelance and has traveled extensively for the past four years. He recently relocated to the New York area.

 He has taken photos at eight Olympic Games, five Rugby World Cups and the FIFA World Cup. He took some great shots at the recent Olympics in London:
0208712_Clayton_Olympics_10730.jpg1992035.jpgbill-frakes-12.jpgClayton_Sports Action_0002.jpgMo Farah Gold Medal win in the Men's 5000m London Olympics 2012London 2012 - Athletics - Men's 5000m Final - Mo Farahtim-clayton-09.jpgTim-Clayton-Sports-Portfolio-035.jpgTim-Clayton-Sports-Portfolio-038.jpgTim-Clayton-Sports-Portfolio-053.jpg
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